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Isn’t summer fabulous? Not just the better weather, holidays abroad and the fact that everyone just seems to be in a better mood. But also, it’s a brilliant excuse for a new hair style. Summer months beg for lighter shades, whether you go for natural looking highlights or a full head of foils. A new hair style can really brighten up your look and make you look fresh for the summer ahead.

So you’ve had a good cut that’s got rid of the dry remnants of winter and your colour is looking vibrant and beautiful. Of course you want to get out in the sun, flaunt your locks abroad and go in the swimming pool. This can mean hell for your hair, sun exposure and chlorine can really ravage your hair. In order to keep your hair glossy and worthy of a summer goddess you need to rethink your hair care routine. Conditioner is key, but heavy conditioners can make summer hair look greasy and flat too quickly. In the summer months we produce more sebum which can lead to greasy looking hair. Instead opt for a lighter conditioner.

The best way to protect your colour is to use a shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner that are specially formulated to protect your colour hair. Not only will these bring out the natural (and artificial) tones of your hair but will also keep the colour lasting throughout the summer. You will also need to invest in a protection spray. Something that is made for sun protection. There are a number of heat protection sprays on the market, but they are for styling. You need something that has SPF and UV protection, pick something light that doesn’t weigh down the hair. If you’re still confused opt for the one that smells the best. Spray it in before a day in the sun, especially if you are venturing close to the equator or planning a day on the beach.

If you’ll be swimming a great deal then you need to think about the effects that chlorine has on the hair. Not only can it turn beautiful blonde hair green but it can also strip the moisture from your hair making it very dry. If you’re swimming in an indoor pool for fitness reasons then I’d say get a swimming cap, yes they aren’t super flattering but really who is going to see you? Besides, a few hours looking like a seal is a damn sight better than uber dry frizzy hair for months.

If you want to swim outdoors on holiday then you can leave off the swimming cap without ruining your hair. Tie long hair up to keep as much out of the water as possible. A messy updo looks great at the beach anyway. Also, be sure to rinse your hair in fresh unchlorinated water immediately before and after the pool. As soon as you leave the pool head for the shower. Use a chlorine busting shampoo and conditioner and then spritz liberally with a leave-in protein conditioner to repair the damage.

Another great way to keep your hair from drying out over the summer is by watching what you eat. Snack on nuts and seeds, fresh fish and vibrant fruits and vegetables as well as drinking plenty of water. A poor diet and dehydration can lead to dried out hair so watch what you eat to give you a mane that will turn heads.

With just a little bit of extra care and attention you can keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous this summer!

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