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Saturday 14th September

I go into the salon to see my clients til 1.30 then I catch a train to London for my first London Fashion week experience. I arrive at Kings Cross at 6.00pm then jump in a cab to meet my good friend Mark Hampton, who is the global ambassador for Toni & Guy hair meet wardrobe.

I arrive at Mark’s apartment and we have a drink and a quick catch up before he gets straight into showing me the test shoots he has done earlier that day for the Vivienne West and Mathew Williamson shows that I am going to be doing tomorrow. My nerves are put at ease as my friend takes me through the hair and how the day is going to run.

We have something to eat and a few drinks and enjoy a good laugh about our crazy days of working and living together during our time at Vidal Sassoon in Cardiff.

Day of the shows Sunday 15th September.

Got up and had breakfast with Mark in a little French cafe then it was off to buy the hair wefts we need for the shows. We also meet up with Tim, Mark’s 1st assistant from New York City. We get to the hair shop and start selecting all the hair we need. We buy 27 packs of wefts then stop for a coffee while we go through more planning for the shows ‘til the car arrives to take us to our first show, Vivienne Westwood.

We arrive at the venue, the German Gymnasium in N1 and get straight into setting up all our equipment, then the rest of the team arrive and we all grab a bit of food before the models turn up and the madness begins.

The first models arrive and I’m working with Tim, we grab a model and start doing a demo to the rest of the team of what the hair is going to be like for the show. The look is a dishevelled messy texture which is out there, to go with the style of Vivienne Westwood clothes. We get the look by gluing in three layers of hair wefts then apply loads of mouse and quickly rough-dry the hair dry to give the a rough texture. Then we triple barrel-tong all the hair in small sections, so Mark can go round and put the final finish to the hair. The make-up for the show is by Val Garland.

Once Tim and I had finished the demo, I’m told we are going to super-model Lily Cole’s house to do her hair. She is the star of the Vivienne Westwood show. We quickly get our kit together and go with Lily and her team round the corner from the venue to her apartment to do her hair and make-up. Me and Tim immediately get to work on Lily’s hair, because Tim can only stay with me for 45mins, as he is leading the next show, Matthew Williamson, which is across London at the Saatchi gallery in SW3.

Tim has to go, so I finish off tonging Lily’s hair to complete the look, then I’m out of there and running back to the venue where it is full -on madness with Mark getting all the final looks sorted on the models.

All the models are then taken upstairs to get the clothes on and Mark leaves to get to the Matthew Williamson show. I stay to work with Frederico who is another of Mark’s main assistants. We do final checks of Lily’s and all the other models’ hair before they go on the catwalk. Now it gets even more crazy as I then jump on Frederico’s motor bike and we race in and out of traffic to get to the Matthew Williamson show, to help finish the models.

We arrive at the Saatchi Gallary and get straight back stage and start helping on the look, which is just beautiful blow-dried hair, which is flicked out at the ends and tucked behind the ears.

It’s complete organised chaos again with three or four people working on each model. Then all the models are called to get ready and another great show starts. Mark does a few interviews then he takes everyone for a well-earned drink! The car picks us up and we head home to collapse.

You can view photo’s from the day in our Gallery page here

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