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Training Academy and Cutting WorkshopsIt´s often said that you are never too old to learn and within hairdressing this is particularly true.

In an industry that is trend-driven, there will always be new skills to learn or knowledge to absorb and pass on. On-going training is essential for a successful career in hairdressing, whether you are a salon assistant or the owner of a chain of outlets. Training can be creative or business based, and in today´s increasingly competitive environment, both are vital.

In order to learn effectively each person has his or her own personal needs and preferences. At the JON KINSEY Training Academy we understand how important it is to offer training designed to fit these specific requirements so we work hard to encourage students to enhance their qualities and develop new techniques.

Our aim is to create a collaborative learning environment where students at every level can hone and refine their professional skills and creativity. With these elements working in harmony, stylists function more effectively with greater business success and revenue potential.

This personal development, whether in a salon or a school, is beneficial to all involved.

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