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Cutting WorkshopsIt´s often said that you are never too old to learn and within hairdressing this is particularly true.

Classic Cutting

Our Classic Cutting course is suitable for new stylists and hairdressers who need to refresh. It is also an excellent hair history for teachers.

  • Timeless hair shapes, which represent our core strengths in hair design
  • Techniques, which allow the building of knowledge to the next level
  • Teaching the history and background of these classics and the fundamental grounding in technique to enable stylists to build on this including one length, layering, graduation and scissor-over-comb


  • Contemporary design optimizes modern structure and form in hair
  • We use these elements to cleverly place shape and understand why, how and when to apply a particular technique to certain parts of the head
  • Combination of the Classic Shapes and knowledge of placement
  • Contemporary also includes the introduction of disconnection and talks through the reasons why and how to maximize this skill


This course is ideal for creative dressers who will not compromise on their classic and contemporary styles and want more knowledge. Tuition is personally-tailored and allows the boundaries to be pushed and guidelines to be stretched.

  • Teaching stylists how to constantly re-invent themselves to facilitate personal development
  • Includes under cutting, disconnection, over cutting and trend-based direction

Candidates need to have a comprehensive technique in hairdressing before this level can be undertaken.

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