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Day 1

Alarm goes of at 4am for me to get up and start my trip to London to meet up with my good Friend Mark Hampton Global Ambassador of Toni & Guy Hair meets wardrobe.

I get to Leeds train station and get on the 6.05 train to London it is nice because it is quite so I can sit back, relax and think about the day ahead.

I arrive at King cross, jump straight in a cab and head to Mark’s apartment to meet him and another member of the Team who is travelling to Milan with us who is called Frederico. Our car arrives and we head off to Heathrow for our 1pm flight Milan.


Once we arrive in Milan we check in at the hotel then get our kit together and we are straight of to the Vivienne Westwood press office to do the test for the hair. It is a 10-minute walk through the city of Milan to the press office, which is nice because I get to see some of the incredible old buildings Milan has.

We get straight to work once we are at the press office, me and Federico get started on setting up our equipment while Mark talks to the stylist about the brief for the look they are wanting. The look the Westwood team want us to create for the show is quite a sci fi look they have a reference from a Jude Law film. Mark starts buy cutting the hair in to a graduated shape leaving length on the top and creating a strong outline, as it is Vivienne Westwood Man we are just tidying the hair and it is more about how we dress the hair.

Mark decides to try body paint as the product we are going to use to style as we are trying to create a matt plastic look with the hair. As we know with Vivienne Westwood it is never going to be a clean job the hair is always very extreme and we always get messy preparing. Mark applies the paint through out the hair and smooth’s it all with his hands as we don’t want to see any comb marks then me and Federico start drying the paint with the hairdryers. It looks amazing as it turns the hair it to a matt like helmet of hair on the head. It is then the makeup artist turn to do there bit. We are working with Michelle Magnani who is a great artist who is well know in the industry for doing a lot of Fashion shows for MAC.

As the make up is been done I sit back for a minute and what Vivienne Westwood her self organising the clothes for the show, having one of her staff model each different look and then have one of her tailors make the adjustments she requires to get the perfect look she desires, It is amazing to what her work as she still has so much passion for what she does and I think she is a incredible lady for her age, very inspiring to just be in her presence. The make up is finished the hair looks unreal we do a test shot and the stylist and the Westwood team are all very happy with the look so it time to pack up and go eat.

Day 2

Now we have the look all sorted our Mission today is we need to find body paint because we never no what we are doing till we do the test we only have a certain amount of paint that we brought with us. We are very lucky that Federico is Italian as he is able to translate for us. Me and Federico get straight on it first by going to a TV and media make up artist in Milan we have found on the internet hoping she can help. Once we arrive at her studio after a 30 minute walk through Milan we are hoping she has what we need but this is Fashion week and you are never so lucky to find it on your first attempt as she is a very lovely lady who only has a very watery gel that is to runny but she couldn’t me more helpful jumping on her computer to give us a address of a carnival shop.

We then go by tube to go to a place called Lanza to find the carnival shop who are also so nice to us but only have a oil based face paint they can offer so we take the a tester back to Mark at the hotel but it no good.

We are all now starting to to get a bit anxious as it is 2pm and Saturday and a lot of place are closed and we can’t seem to find anything similar to the body paint we need, so we call our PR team Natasha and Sarah and get them to help.

We all then jump in a cab and head to central Milan where the girls have found an Italian fancy dress shop and me and Federico head to Mac makeup.

Once in Mac the women are been so nice to us showing us all the different makeup that will work and then we find what we could you but we have to mix it all up our self so it is a little risky it might not work and it is going to cost us 300 euros but the lady’s at Mac were so good they gave us a 140 euro discount. Natasha an Sarah then call say to they have found 6 bottles of paint.

After six hours of running all over Milan me and Federico are shattered and hungry and I want to sample some proper Italian Pizza, we find the most amazing cosy family pizzeria where the food is just amazing and you can tell as the wall is covered with famous Italian footballers actor and models who have all eaten here.

After food we head back to the hotel and just relax for the night watching a couple of as tomorrow is going to be busy.

Day 3

Show time

Call time is 10am so we all meet up in reception and head to the hotel the four seasons for breakfast with the PR team and it was the most expensive break fast we have ever had, for three of us 150 euros it made us laugh.

Breakfast done it was time to get to the location which was an art gallery. We arrive for 10.45 and start to set up our stations ready for the arrival of the models. The first model arrives and Mark does a demo to the team as we have some Italian stylists from Milan who are assisting us. Once the demo is done it is all go we have 20 models to cut and paint the hair, I have the responsibility to get the hair cut along with Mark and Federico.

We work through the haircut as fast as we can by damping the hair down and putting in a low left side parting and cutting them it the look we have chosen and then give a beautiful blow dry before we apply the paint. A hour as gone and the pressure is on as we only have 7 models with the hair looks fully done and in makeup so Mark Federico and I up the pace and get the team working faster and we get the models ready in time for the rehearsal.

Rehearsals done and we need to do a final check on the models, we all grab a model and double up to make it quicker and get the look absolutely perfect then it is show time.

The models are all lined up ready to go on the catwalk and they all look amazing. They music blast out and then the show starts, Mark and I stand behind Vivienne Westwood and watch the show on the monitor and wow it look fantastic, Mark and I are buzzing with how good it looks.

All the models come out and we are done all the hard work has paid off, Mark congratulates the team and we have a group photo and a glass of champagne.

But I don’t leave with out Mark and I getting a picture with the amazing Lady herself.

Bags packed then off to the airport to fly back to London then jump on a train back to Leeds and I’m home for 1.30am

You can see the photo’s of the Milan Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood 2014 Man Collection in the gallery.

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